I AM J D’Bones


I chop <code> and bake graphics
In other words – I cook for the _web 



I’d love to help you with any of your needs. Here’s a list of the basic services I can be of help to you with. If you have an upcoming project you like to see come to life or any additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch:

OCR of documents

Web Design

Order you brand-new website, website re-design, mobile-friendly design, website elements design or new page layout. I am skilled with HTML/CSS/Responsive Design/Bootstrap and WordPress

Graphic Design

I can help you with anything graphical you need, including all kinds of print-and web ads (flyers, brochures, posters, covers, packaging, web banners, billboards, car wraps, magazine layout, book covers, website design, logo).

Original Artworks

I love creating mixed-media artworks, combining photography, photo-manipulation, custom textures, painting, sketching and drawing.

I’ve designed mainly CD/DVD covers and booklet layouts for artists of the music industry.


I can tell your story by combining video materials, custom artworks, text and photographs. You can get your own music video, commercial or short presentation done professionally.


Either as a way to visually represent your products for your website and print materials, or as a part of other creative pieces of art, good quality photos are an inevitable part  of almost every  visually-designed product.


Do you have a way too long document you want copied into editable text for translation or web-search purposes that you just so DO NOT wish to re-type manually in order to reproduce it? No problem, just let me know.


If you have an interesting idea in mind that you want prepared, well-soaked in thought for a night in the brainstorm refrigerator and suitably spiced to your own taste, please get in touch. I’d love to help you cook it and your guests will have the dinner of their lifetime.

Anyway, if you happen to have any other questions to ask or suggestions to make, you are as well most welcome – I’d be glad to answer any of those. Ave! 


“Free your imagination
And all secrets within
Use your imagination
And you'll travel within”

(Memento Mori, “To Travel Within”)

My name is Julian Iliev, also know as J D’Bones (coming from Julian Dirty Bones – representing my skinny body-type). I started with graphic design projects back in 2005, mostly for local concert-promotion companies who needed posters, banners, tickets, billboards and print-ads designed for their upcoming events. 

Later, I also started designing graphic mock-ups for websites and joined a local small-business company as a graphic designer. My boss, who is a back-end developer had too many projects and he couldn't handle all of them, so he decided to send me to a HTML/CSS/JavaScript/ResponsiveDesign school and so I started helping him up to a point where I could deliver a graphical draft to our clients and, after their approval of the final version, transform it into a working HTML/CSS website, ready to be coded into .php and connected to the CMS. The good thing about it is that no matter which of both sides I take care of (graphic design or front-end developing), I can now always keep in mind how this will later be handled by the “other side” – I design graphics with future functionality in mind and vice-versa. I am certified by Brain Bench as a “Master of Photoshop” and by New Horizons as a “HTML5/CSS5/JavaScript/Rsponsive Design” graduate.

Apart from all this, I enjoy playing the guitar, composing and post-producing music, drawing and sketching, cooking (yes, I really do – it’s my hobby since I was 11), both enjoying faithful friends’ company or the silence of the dark hours, cats, scuba-diving, going to local gigs, travelling, taking photographs and manipulating them.



<good times>




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